A fresh start

Door Linde
23 November 2023

A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step

Chinese proverb

In life we will experience constant changes, sometimes subtle, sometimes drastic. These changes challenge us and offer opportunities for personal growth. It is not always easy to embrace change and see it as a path to growth rather than an obstacle. It takes courage to take responsibility for your own life and not be lived by mere circumstances. The choice is yours.

At the beginning of 2023 I also faced a choice: do I continue on the same path or do I change the way I work? I started Flow of Healing five years ago, and in that period a lot has changed, both in the world and in my practice. There is a certain tremble worldwide and a lot of pain seems to be surfacing. There is a growing need for guidance with processing old pain and trauma’s and a huge need for rest. Deep, deep rest.

To connect with this, I continuously develop myself, and my offering evolves accordingly. A gap emerged between what I was offering and what I really wanted to offer in my practice. At the beginning of this year I decided to slow down and reflect on the way I work. In recent years I have refined my working method to better tailor it to various issues and this has brought me to where I am today. The bodywork that I offer is focused on regulation of the nervous system, getting more attuned to feeling in the body and learning how to process as we go.

With a new way of working also came a new way of presenting myself. I am pleased to present my new website and cordially invite you to discover who I am and what I do. In my sessions the body is central as a compass for self-development and growth. It helps us to release tensions and blockages, so that we can open up to intuition and inner knowing. If you need a little push, I’m here for you.

The content of a session depends on your specific needs and what challenges you face. Trust between us is the key to a successful session. Without mutual trust, no touch will be truly profound. Perhaps clinging to the known seems safer, while the unknown calls us. Do you dare to take the step? Whether you are looking for healing, trauma processing, or working on self-development, I invite you to walk the path of change and growth with me. Sign up for my newsletter or contact us and discover the possibilities. Sometimes taking that very first step is enough to get closer to yourself and embrace new beginnings

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